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That is what a formed cost explosion appears like at 5 million frames per second

If there’s one factor we find out about The Gradual Mo Guys, it’s that they’re at all times chasing ever quicker body charges to seize issues in even slower movement. If there’s one other factor we find out about Gav and Dan, it’s that they like blowing stuff up. And once they mix the 2, it at all times ends in some fairly insane footage, letting us see issues in methods we by no means have earlier than.

You’ll be happy to listen to that this video is not any exception because the boys add to their acquainted array of Phantom cameras with a Shimadzu HPV-X digicam that shoots as much as a whopping 5 million frames per second – technically, it may shoot as much as ten million however they solely take it as much as 5 – to seize formed costs exploding. This beats their Phantom cameras by an order of magnitude after which some!

There are some sacrifices with capturing at 5 million frames per second. For a begin, the Shimadzu digicam is simply in a position to document 256 frames at a time. That’s a complete 0.0000024 seconds in real-time which leads to about eight and a half to 10 and a half seconds of footage relying on the framerate at which you play it again. It’s additionally black and white, as color requires 3 times the quantity of information and bandwidth. And, yeah, it’s comparatively low decision.

However with one thing as quick as a formed cost, you get to see issues that may in any other case merely be unimaginable. To present you an concept of simply how briskly a formed cost explosion is, primarily based on their footage, they calculated that if the cost continued to speed up at its preliminary charge, it will attain the pace of sunshine in a couple of second and a half. Clearly, it doesn’t maintain accelerating that quick constantly, and the entire thing is over immediately (in real-time).

However at 5 million frames per second? Oh yeah, it’s fairly insane. Taking pictures this quick is even in a position to seize the inversion of the cone from the formed cost’s preliminary detonation.

Now I’m kinda curious to see what they might movie with that digicam at 10 million fps!

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