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Nvidia RTX 3080 vs Xbox Collection X

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Following on from questioning is the RTX 3080 higher than PS5? We now evaluate Nvidia’s RTX 3080 vs Xbox Collection X.

They each got here out in direction of the top of 2020. In the midst of the pandemic each suffered from a scarcity. With many struggles to get inventory at its beneficial worth.

However now popping out of the droop we see GPU costs and inventory returning to MSRP. With consoles seeing the identical return to kind.

This implies there’s some deciding which of the 2 choices to purchase. With many elements to contemplate when evaluating the 2.

So we undergo just a few of them and do our greatest to check them. Serving to you resolve which ones to choose as it may be arduous to take action between completely different platforms.

Microsoft Xbox Collection X

Asus Logo

ASUS TUF Gaming Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 OC



Very competetively priced

2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores

Very environment friendly thermal design

One of many quieter 3080 AIBs


Not essentially the most aesthetically pleasing 3080


The bottom distinction between the 3080 and Xbox comes from the completely different structure discovered within the two. With one being a discrete card and the opposite an built-in possibility there are numerous variations.

Together with completely different builds, there are completely different optimizations of the ecosystem. With built-in you get a extra unified system with nice optimization. While discrete is a extra pieced-together system with a number of completely different methods.

With that, we nonetheless have a look at what they’re working with. Because the RTX 3080 relies on the Nvidia Ampere structure and the GA102-200 GPU variant.

Made with Samsungs 8nm course of it creates a die 628mm² in measurement. Which inserts in it 28.3 billion transistors on it.

Whereas, the Xbox Collection X options the Scarlett GPU in it, primarily based on AMD’s RDNA 2 structure. Made with TSMCs 7nm course of it accommodates 15.3 billion transistors in a 360mm² sized die.

Nvidia Noctua 3080 GPU 31


We subsequent have a look at the opposite options of the units. With some extra comparable and commonplace elements. There’s the frequency, reminiscence, render config and efficiency.

RTX 3080 Xbox Collection X
GPU GA102-200 Scarlett
Shaders 8,704 3,328
TMUs 272 208
ROPs 96 64
Reminiscence 10GB GDDR6X 10GB GDDR6
GPU clock 1,440 MHz base
1,710 MHz enhance
1,825 MHz
Reminiscence clock 19 Gbps 14 Gbps
Reminiscence bandwidth 760.3 GB/s 560.0 GB/s
TDP/TBP 320 W 200 W
FP32 float efficiency 29.77 TFLOPS 12.15 TFLOPS

With a useful desk to check we take a better have a look at what every of those classes means.

GPU die cores

These are what create the GPU chip itself. Separated into completely different sections, they every have their very own specializations.

As such we have a look at the shaders, TMUs, and ROPs. These work on the shadows and shading, engaged on textures from bitmaps, after which rasterization.

All of which work collectively to create the ultimate graphics you see. So then we see how they evaluate between the 2. Though with completely different structure will give them completely different efficiency and utilization.

Wanting on the depend we see the Ampere GPU having 8,704 shaders, 272 TMUs, and 96 ROPs. While the RDNA 2 GPU options 3,328 shaders, 208 TMUs, and 64 ROPs.

Just like what we see in earlier Nvidia vs AMD comparisons. With completely different setups to the architectures.


The clock charge of the silicon is how often the crystals flip. That is how the GPU processes directions.

So with quicker processing, it means larger framerates and decrease body occasions. It’s a spec favorable to overclocking to get essentially the most out of the GPU. Though unlikely to realize on a console.

Between the 2 the 3080 doesn’t fairly attain the frequency of the Xbox at inventory. With a 1,710 MHz enhance in comparison with the 1,825 MHz.

Nonetheless, with a customized card and overclocking it’s doable to push it additional. But it surely isn’t the only real inform of efficiency.

Asus RTX 3080 12GB 4


The reminiscence of the graphics card is a buffer and pixel storage utility. It permits a smoother expertise whereas gaming.

As for larger resolutions it offers them the house for the big pixel counts. After which reducing latency between parts with a smoother stream of frames.

Evaluating the 2 playing cards we’ve got the 3080 that includes 10GB of GDDR6X. Which is clocked at 19 Gbps with a 320-bit bus giving a bandwidth of 760.3 GB/s. 

Whereas the Xbox opts for 10GB of GDDR6 at 14 Gbps. Throughout a 320-bit bus, it offers a bandwidth of 560 GB/s.


The overall design energy of a graphics card offers the quantity of power it requires. And provides you an understanding of your electrical energy invoice.

In addition to how a lot warmth it’s going to give off. With nearly all of it being transformed in the course of the processes.

Between the 2 choices, we see a big distinction. With the 3080 at a relatively large 320 W. With the Xbox solely at 200 W.

A way more environment friendly and lower-powered card, preserving the prices down for the console.

Nvidia Noctua 3080 GPU 17

FP32 efficiency

For a theoretical efficiency, we will have a look at the FP32 efficiency. These have a look at how effectively it will probably do the numbers based on the specs.

With 32 utilizing 32 bits in reminiscence with the precision between 7 and eight legitimate digits. With that, we will see the 3080 greater than double the Xbox.

With a 29.77 TFLOPS over the 12.15 TFLOPS however that’s theoretical. Somewhat than what they will obtain in precise efficiency.


There are not any actual benchmarks of the Xbox collection X with stable framerates. But it surely does supply the power to realize 120 FPS within the majority of video games. With that being the brand new cap.

With the decision the altering issue of the settings. And so that may enhance the look however have an excellent framerate. Particularly with accessible boosts in efficiency with a complete ecosystem.

While the 3080 can simply obtain significantly better at 1080p. Reaching over 180 FPS at 1080p and over 100 at 1440p with 90 FPS at 4k. Which is larger than the Xbox can.


Then there’s the massive issue to contemplate. As the worth might be fairly the deterrent, particularly in harder occasions and when there’s a scarcity.

There’s additionally the very fact the Xbox comes as an entire package deal on the worth of $499. Whereas the 3080 is just one half and already comes at $699.

So you must evaluate funds and comfort over simply the pure efficiency.

Microsoft Xbox Collection X

Xbox series X

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio 10G

msi gaming trio rtx 3080


Extraordinarily enticing 3080

Very quiet thermal design

Excessive out-the-box clock enhance


Lies inside the larger finish of the 3080 worth spectrum


In the long run, it’s apparent that the discrete graphics card RTX 3080 is healthier than the Scarlett GPU. However when contemplating the 3080 vs Xbox Collection X there are different elements to contemplate.

With the console being way more handy and budget-friendly. So it’s right down to what you require and know what to do. As the cardboard requires way more construct and cash as an alternative of simply plug and play.

PCs are additionally extra versatile so it doesn’t have to be only for gaming and streaming. So it’s undoubtedly a tough selection at occasions.

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