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LoL Patch 12.15 Evaluation – League of Legends Information

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Forward of the launch of LoL Patch 12.15, we’re diving head first into the anticipated modifications and tweaks to gauge what affect they’re prone to have on the meta and extra.

Let’s dive in.

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League of Legends Patch 12.15 Adjustments

Champion Buffs


Max injury to monsters elevated from 40-100 to 50-150 based mostly on stage.

Lillia is a champion with a reasonably quick clear and plenty of mobility because of her motion velocity. This looks as if a small change however may lead to much more ganks from Lillia, particularly within the mid-game.

This buff also can outcome not directly in gamers selecting champions like Rengar or Skarner to counter Lillia.


Passive motion velocity elevated and cooldown decreased. Moreover, R provides extra defensive statistics at stage 6 and 11. No modifications at stage 16.

One of many strongest features of Singed is the flexibility to construct pretty offensive AP objects, and nonetheless be tanky resulting from his final potential. With these modifications Singed could change into a stronger champion within the early sport. The modifications are usually not vital however would possibly lead to a pleasant high quality of life enchancment for the champion.

Picture by way of Riot Video games


Rammus will get plenty of buffs to his R. The cooldown is getting lowered and the forged vary and sprint velocity is being elevated.

This champion is a situational choose in opposition to heavy AD groups. Ever since his final acquired reworked, it was considerably clunky and with out motion velocity buffs from the teammates. It didn’t really feel fairly proper. Now it’d change, Rammus will be capable of have interaction in a extra environment friendly approach.


Her Q mana price is getting decreased early and her final stuns for longer – 1.5 seconds to 1.75 seconds.

Leona is likely one of the strongest CC tank helps within the sport. These are small modifications, however she is already fairly sturdy if performed proper. The Q change appears small as a result of mana price is decreased solely at early ranges.

Nevertheless, you max this potential final so it means each Q for the primary 20 minutes of the sport will price you 10 much less mana. Additionally making CC last more is commonly a harmful sport. Be cautious of the Radiant Daybreak.


Thresh will get buffs for his Q. Cooldown decreased by 1 second at each stage. Injury of his Q elevated by 20 additionally at each stage.

The Chain Warden has not been within the meta for a very long time. He isn’t a weak champion by any means, however there’s something lacking. It’s unlikely these small buffs to his Q will deliver him again to the highest of the meals chain.

Thresh continues to be too squishy and has too little to compete with a few of the prime helps.


W cooldown decreased and injury elevated. AP ratio on his final barely elevated.

Kennen is in determined want of some small buffs. He works properly as a lane bully in opposition to melee champions. He wants some assist to remain within the sport after laning section and hopefully, these modifications will likely be sufficient.


W power refund elevated from 80 to 100.

A pleasant small high quality of life change that may make Akali’s laning section a bit higher and smoother.

League of Legends Zed
Picture by way of Riot Video games


Shadow vary elevated from 2000 to infinity. Additionally, E power price is getting decreased by 10.

Zed has been performing properly within the mid lane however has not too long ago began to shine within the jungle. He has a tremendous clear with sturdy solo dragons at stage 4. It’s all largely resulting from his passive.

Zed goes to be one of many strongest off-meta picks in patch 12.15. It would even change into meta, so be cautious of Zed within the jungle.


Vitality refund on E elevated from 30-40 to 30-50.

Shen has been a good prime laner for some time now. Attributable to teleport nerfs previously, his final turned much more beneficial for the group.

Whereas different champions can teleport solely to turrets earlier than the 14-minute mark, Shen can go on to his teammate and alter the end result of fights.

Lee Sin

Skill recast power price decreased from 30 to 25.

Lee Sin is in the same place to Thresh proper now. Each champions are highly regarded and good, nonetheless, they’re outperformed by different picks.

Despite the fact that these high quality of life modifications are good it received’t be sufficient to deliver any of them again into the meta. No less than it’s a step in the fitting route.

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Champion Nerfs

Grasp Yi

E cooldown elevated at increased ranges.

A small change to deliver down Grasp Yi a notch or two. Ever since his small rework, he has been outperforming at each ability stage.


The passive injury AD ratio decreased from 45% to 30%.

Qiyana has an enormous burst with two or three objects. This nerf will deliver her one-shot potential down. Nevertheless, there are different assassins with larger burst potential than Qiyana, which poses questions in regards to the logic behind this tweak.

LoL Patch 12.15 Analysis
Picture by way of Riot Video games


AD progress decreased, E and R cooldowns elevated,

Sivir is one other instance of some tweaks completed proper to an older League champion

She’s pretty sturdy so these are the minor changes to steadiness her out. It ought to make her use her E and R extra responsibly resulting from their longer cooldowns.


True injury conversion decreased from 75% to 50%.

It is a tough change as a result of it’d lead to virtually nothing for Gwen or can take her out of the meta utterly.

It can positively decrease her burst in opposition to tankier champions, nonetheless, she ought to nonetheless be capable of delete a squishy champion in a matter of seconds. One other case of adjusting the champion’s energy after some tweaks to her equipment in earlier patches.

Gwen ought to stay playable however champions like Pantheon can rise in energy as a counter to her.


In LoL Patch 12.15, Taliyah’s E cooldown is getting elevated by 2 seconds at each stage and the R wall period is lowered from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

Taliyah has been very sturdy ever since her small rework. Essentially the most highly effective potential in her equipment is her E. It might probably cease dashes and stun enemies whereas dealing an absurd quantity of harm.

It’s a pleasant change however not sufficient to cease her. Virtually each new champion or reworked champion positive factors some kind of sprint and Taliyah is an ideal counter to all of those champions. She’ll solely be stronger when new champions with dashes are launched.


Kalista’s base AD is decreased by 3 from 69 to 66.

She’s not a highly regarded champion so this nerf looks as if a direct transfer towards knowledgeable scene the place Kalista is performed at occasions, particularly within the LPL and LCK.

Enjoying round with the champion’s base statistics can usually be tough, so this would possibly take Kalista out utterly.

System Buffs in LoL Patch 12.15

Mercurial Scimitar (Merchandise)

Magic resist elevated from 30 to 40 and motion velocity period elevated from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

It’s a a lot wanted and welcome change that incentivizes gamers to construct a Mercurial Scimitar from Quicksilver Sash.

Many gamers usually get QSS and don’t improve the merchandise. Now, these modifications would possibly make it so upgrading to a full merchandise provides you extra advantages. 10 magic resist with no extra price is a reasonably strong buff.

Silvermere Daybreak (Merchandise)

Magic resist elevated from 35 to 40 and well being elevated from 300 to 350. Moreover, sluggish resist and tenacity elevated from 40% to 50%.

Just like the earlier modifications. You construct this merchandise from QSS so it makes it price your whereas to complete the total merchandise.

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System Nerfs in LoL Patch 12.15 Evaluation

First Strike (Keystone Rune)

Bonus true injury decreased by 1% from 10% to 9%.

First Strike is picked for many assassins. Bursting a champion within the mid or late sport would lead to extra 100-200 gold per kill simply.

Despite the fact that this can be a very small change, it can lead to much less injury and fewer gold. This is likely to be sufficient to make First Strike considerably balanced.

Divine Sunderer (Merchandise)

Therapeutic lowered from 65% to 55%.

Many champions began constructing Trinity Power certainly of Divine Sunderere, particularly after the Sturdiness Replace.

Now with one other nerf to Divine Sunderer, we’d see a whole shift within the meta. Many bruisers and off-tanks will construct Trinity Power as an alternative. This leads to much less therapeutic for a few of the champions however extra injury in extended fights.

It’s not simply bruisers that may profit from this variation. Champions like Ezreal wish to construct objects from Sheen. It would push gamers utterly away from constructing Divine Sunderer and we’d see a Trinity Power meta very quickly.

Patch Notes 12.15 LoL
Picture by way of Twitter/RiotPhroxzon

LoL Patch 12.15 shouldn’t be an enormous patch, but it surely has a good quantity of modifications. It’s one of many first steps in the direction of Worlds 2022.

Despite the fact that the match is over a month away, the entire upcoming modifications will likely be targeted on the skilled scene.

We’ll have to attend till the Preseason for Season 13 till we get some larger modifications and shake-ups within the meta.


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