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How do I craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft?

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To assemble a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft, three Diamonds are wanted. It allows speedier mining with a pickaxe that’s way more sturdy than Stone, Gold or Iron. Early within the recreation, in case you spend a number of diamonds on a pickaxe, you’ll be able to simply and sustainably discover extra diamonds sooner or later, and it’s one of many first issues you must think about crafting together with your first valuable Diamonds.

Like all different Diamond instruments, Diamond Pickaxes are required for the constructing of the Netherite Pickaxe, which is at the moment the very best Pickaxe in Minecraft. Learn forward to search out out the whole lot it’s worthwhile to learn about learn how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe, the very best Pickaxe enchantments, and what you are able to do with it after getting it!

Tips on how to make a Diamond Pickaxe

Making a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft is simple! All you want is 2 Sticks, three Diamonds, and a Crafting Desk!

A Pickaxe is among the a number of instruments obtainable in Minecraft, every with their very own distinctive makes use of and advantages, so that you’ll want a full loadout for the very best Minecraft expertise. With Diamond instruments being among the many most sturdy obtainable, a Diamond Pickaxe will outlast others by way of put on and tear.

Whereas not the very best instrument to make use of as a weapon, a Diamond Pickaxe can turn out to be useful in a pinch, dealing +5 assault injury.

To start, open your Crafting Desk.

You must see a crafting space consisting of a 3×3 crafting grid within the crafting menu.

To create a diamond pickaxe, fill the three×3 crafting grid with three diamonds and two sticks in a T form – the three diamonds making the highest line, and the 2 sticks within the center column beneath.

After finishing the sample within the crafting space, a diamond pickaxe will seem within the field to the fitting.

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe recipe

After finishing the crafting course of, you have to add the diamond pickaxe to your stock.

You’ve efficiently made a Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe!


The place To Discover Diamonds In Minecraft

So as to add a Diamond to your stock in Survival mode, you have to mine Diamond Ore. In Minecraft, Diamond Ore could be very unusual, and you have to go mining beneath Y-level 16 to search out any. The perfect degree to go on the lookout for Diamonds, although, is -53, on account of a mix of each Diamond frequency and a lowered probability of dying to lava.

To mine Diamond Ore, you have to use an Iron Pickaxe, a Diamond Pickaxe, or a Netherite Pickaxe. Different instruments are incapable of digging and dropping a diamond, and can take a very long time to interrupt down the ore, earlier than primarily destroying it and losing the ore as nothing will drop.

Assault Injury And Sturdiness

The assault injury of an merchandise refers back to the quantity of injury it offers to a monster when it assaults. Sturdiness is an idea that pertains to the size of time {that a} factor will final. Within the context of Minecraft instruments and weaponry, sturdiness refers back to the variety of helpful capabilities the merchandise might do earlier than being destroyed. Equally, in terms of Minecraft armor, sturdiness is a time period that pertains to the variety of impacts that an armor piece can maintain earlier than breaking. Thus, the upper the score, the extra sturdy the merchandise.

The next desk summarizes the assault energy and sturdiness of every pickaxe found in Minecraft:

Issues To Do With Diamond Pickaxes

Diamond Pickaxes are the market’s strongest and second-fastest pickaxes. Moreover, it has a larger capability for harvesting assets than another Pickaxe, together with all Ores, Stone, and Obsidian.

Though Golden Pickaxes are the highest-tiered Pickaxes, they mine Stone extra rapidly than Diamond Pickaxes.

This isn’t the case with Obsidian; nonetheless, Golden Pickaxes take away Obsidian at a far slower price than Diamond Pickaxes.

It’s the solely Device able to mining Obsidian, though slowly. It’s an especially unusual Pickaxe that, as soon as crafted, is taken into account a really helpful instrument.

Because the diamond pickaxe is the one merchandise that can be utilized to mine Obsidian, it’s an especially vital merchandise to the participant to get to the Nether.

Enchantments For Diamond Pickaxe

In Minecraft, an enchanted diamond pickaxe is among the quite a few instruments obtainable. Enchantments could also be utilized to things by way of an Enchanting Desk, Anvil, or a recreation command. if it’s worthwhile to know extra, check out our in depth information on learn how to enchant gadgets in Minecraft.

A diamond pickaxe could also be enchanted with the next enchantments in Minecraft:

Curse Of Vanishing

You might use the Curse of Vanishing enchantment to curse an merchandise within the recreation. When this enchantment is positioned on an object, it turns into cursed and vanishes when a participant dies within the recreation (as an alternative of being dropped after the participant dies).


Effectivity will increase how rapidly you’ll be able to mine blocks within the recreation.


Fortune will increase the variety of blocks gained by way of mining. For instance, the Fortune enchantment improves the likelihood of discovering flint in gravel or an apple in a tree.


The Mending enchantment makes use of expertise to restore your geared up gear, weapons, and armor. Every time you achieve expertise by defeating monsters or mining sure minerals, it is going to be used to repair any broken gear, weapons, or armor you will have geared up.

Silk Contact

As a substitute of relying on falling issues, the Silk Contact enchantment enables you to mine blocks straight. This enchantment grants you the flexibility to accumulate fragile and breakable issues similar to glass or ice. Alternatively, you could dig and harvest the block itself, similar to diamond ore or coal ore, as an alternative of acquiring diamond and coal drops.


The Unbreaking enchantment successfully will increase the sturdiness of your instruments, weapons, and armor, enabling them to outlive longer. That is carried out by minimizing the potential for the instrument, weapon, or armor struggling sturdiness injury throughout use.

Finest Diamond Pickaxe construct

Because you received’t want a number of the above enchantments, and others are mutually unique, right here is the very best enchanted Diamond Pickaxe you need to be making an attempt to create in your survival Minecraft world. Attributable to how Netherite works, you’ll be able to then flip your enchanted Diamond Pickaxe into an enchanted Netherite Pickaxe, with out dropping the Enchantments.

And both:

  • Fortune III – For getting essentially the most out of your mining! As a substitute of ore dropping one uncooked merchandise, it would drop an elevated quantity. For instance, you could possibly rise up to 4 Diamonds from one Diamond Ore block with Fortune III!


  • Silk Contact – For mining the precise merchandise, quite than its drop. For instance, mining Diamond Ore with Silk Contact will drop Diamond Ore, or mining Stone will drop Stone, versus Cobblestone. Excellent in case you want lots of Stone for constructing.

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