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Gwent Rogue Mage Bulwark Information

Final Up to date:

The Gwent: Rogue Mage Bulwark deck is the primary you obtain and the starter deck.

However, being the primary doesn’t imply that this deck is relegated to being for inexperienced persons solely.

We’ll assist you to study the ins and outs of the Gwent: Rogue Mage Bulwark deck’s playing cards and synergies.

Gwent Rogue Mage Bulwark – Overview

The Bulwark Deck accommodates the next playing cards:

  • 1xReynard Odo, Vysogota of Corvo* or Aglaïs*
  • 1xPrince Stennis
  • 1x Zoltan Chivay
  • 1x One-Eyed Betsy
  • 1x Ramon Tyrconnel
  • 1x Tridam Infantry
  • 2x Temerian Drummer
  • 2x Aedirnian Mauler
  • 2x Recruit

*Key card unlocked at stage 7
*Unlocked at stage 27

Gwent: Rogue Mage Bulwark Deck – Key Playing cards

Reynard Odo

When Deployed, Reynard Odo boosts adjoining items by 1. So long as Reynard Odo stays on the battlefield, any subsequent items are boosted by 1 once they’re performed.

Unit Energy: 6

Vysogota of Corvo

In contrast to Odo’s passive means, Vysogota of Corvo comes with an Order means that enhances an allied unit by 1. This means prices 1 cost, and 1 cost is gained everytime you play a card.

Vysogota of Corvo has Zeal, permitting it to make use of its order means on the identical flip that the cardboard is performed.

Unit Energy: 5


Putting a steadiness between the Rogue Mage Bulwark deck’s two earlier key playing cards, Aglaïs has each a passive and an order means.

Initially of the sport, Aglaïs boosts itself by 3.

As soon as per battle, Aglaïs can use its order means to double the quantity of enhance on itself.

Like Vysogota of Corvo, Aglaïs comes with the Zeal means.

Unit Energy: 3

Bulwark Gold Items

Gwent Rogue Mage Bulwark Deck Gold Units

Prince Stennis

When Deployed on the Melee row, Prince Stennis boosts a single allied unit’s energy by 4. However when deployed on the Ranged row, Prince Stennis boosts 4 separate allies’ energy by 1.

Unit Energy: 4

Zoltan Chivay

When Deployed, the Rogue Mage Bulwark deck’s Zoltan Chivay boosts the facility of adjoining items by 4. This enhance gained’t activate with out items to put Zoltan subsequent to.

Unit Energy: 4

One-Eyed Betsy

This unit damages an enemy by 4 when deployed. The harm is boosted to six if the chosen unit has armor.

Unit Energy: 4

Ramon Tyrconnel

When positioned on the battlefield, Tyrconnel spawns a duplicate of a bronze unit presently in your hand, then provides the copy 2 further armor.

Unit Energy: 4

Bulwark Bronze – Items

Tridam Infantry

This Rogue Mage Bulwark card offers 1 harm to an enemy unit chosen at random each time it receives a buff from any supply.

Unit Energy: 4

Temerian Drummer

The drummer boosts the unit on to its proper by 1 on the finish of every of your turns.

Unit Energy: 4

Aedirnian Mauler

The Mauler has an order means that damages an enemy unit by 1 as soon as per battle. This harm will increase equal to the quantity of enhance on the Aedirnian Mauler when its order is activated.

Unit Energy: 4


This Rogue Mage Bulwark unit boosts an allied unit on the battlefield by 3, and a random unit presently in your hand by 1 when deployed.

Unit Energy: 4

Bulwark Deck – Focus

Bulwark Deck Focus

Many decks that you just’ll encounter in Gwent: Rogue Mage are primarily based round debuffing and debilitating the opponent.

Bulwark takes the alternative strategy, boosting the facility and armor of your items wherever doable. Whereas foes might chip away at your flanks, Bulwark stands robust with imposing playing cards that assist and enhance each other.

One other essential part of the Rogue Mage Bulwark deck is its means to deal harm to enemy items, eradicating them from the board fully. This synergizes properly with Bulwark’s buffing technique, as lots of the deck’s damaging parts depend on boosts to activate.

The Tridam Infantry offers a gradual supply of harm each time boosted by a spell or unit, and the Aedirnian Mauler can construct itself up right into a drive to be feared, then deal harm equal to its present energy.

Gwent: Rogue Mage Bulwark Deck – Synergies

The bottom deck of Bulwark is constructed in such a approach that its damaging and buffing parts perform collectively from the get-go, permitting you to enhance and ideal this perform over time.

Probably the most fundamental combo to come back up in Bulwark is putting a Temerian Drummer to the left of Tridam Infantry. The drummer buffs the infantry on the finish of every flip, activating the infantry’s means and whittling the enemy down by 1 harm each spherical. Because the Tridam Infantry’s means isn’t capped, some other buffs activated in the identical spherical nonetheless set off the harm, permitting you to rapidly chip away on the enemy’s items and rating.

Stacking the Aedirnian Mauler with buffs earlier than utilizing its order means can be a dependable technique to take a strong enemy unit off the board. This unit’s energy can rapidly attain double digits and destroy all however the hardiest foe. In the event you’ve drawn Syanna whereas progressing throughout the map, that unit’s order means permits you to deal the mauler’s devastating harm twice

That does it for our Gwent: Rogue Mage Decklist. Better of luck on the market.

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